When I think back to my most memorable experience, I immediately recall it with Mrs. Rakhi malhotra, my English teacher in school. The best so far I have had.


What I remember most about Mrs. Rakhi is that she treated me with so much respect. she showed so much love for her profession and so great an awareness of what her role in the classroom was, that her attitude eventually rubbed off on me. She was everything I could have asked for in a school teacher. She always encouraged me to participate in all the competitions because she knew I had a strong stage fear and that I get very nervous in front of the audience, She observed it On her own I never  told  her about my fear which I think impressed me the most. I didn’t know it then, but  she also was a role model for my future.

Mrs. Rakhi gave me the skills to become a strong leader and she taught me how to become a Responsible and productive member of society.

I spent almost all my free time, between classes and before dismissal, with Mrs.Rakhi. I could talk to her about anything and everything; she was always there to listen. I had never before had a teacher who showed that she cared about me; she cared about my fear and she cared about me being a really not so confident person the way Mrs. Rakhi did.

Mrs. Rakhi had a tremendous affect on my life and on my career choice. Still, after I passed my school, Mrs.Rakhi and I Stayed in touch, and sometimes we even meet occasionally.

I will never forget her reaction when I told her that I have registered for B-Ed and will become a teacher. Her face lit up and I knew at that moment that I had made her proud of me. She told me, I was going to be a great teacher one day. Little did She know that it was because  of her I have chosen a career in teaching. It was because of the teacher, who observed my flaws in about a fifty student’s class.  I think it was commendable keeping is mind the burden teachers face.

I hope my students will remember me the same way I remember Mr. Rakhi . I would want them to remember me for how much I would care for each one of them. I just want to be the best teacher like her who pushes every single child to perform to the best of their abilities.





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